The Ascari A10 supercar is produced by the British company Ascari Cars. It is a modified version of the KZ1-R GT racing car that is currently running in many championships. Like the Koenigsegg, this was also completely ingeniously built unlike the cars from the stables of the well established brands. This car has been appreciated the world over for the simplistic design and the high performance it shows. It was developed as a reply to the Ferrari Enzo FXX but the best part about this car was that you could buy it and take it home with you as it is street legal unlike the Enzo.

There is a subtle difference between cars that are made in quantities and the cars that are made for a select few. The Ascari A10 belongs to the latter. This is the third road car that came out of the Ascari stable and was released on the 10th anniversary of the company. The previous two cars were the Ascari Ecosse and the Ascari KZ1 which were supercars in their own right. The Ascari A10 is a special car that is makes no mistakes when it comes to being separate from the herd.

The Ascari A10 can be termed as being more unique than the rest of the supercars since only 10-50 of these cars have been made till date and all of them handmade. So, you are special if you are the owner of this model, that is what the manufacturers were trying to say. And by the spectacular success of this model, there is no doubts regarding this fact. It also make you special since you are one of the few people in the world who can spend US$695,00 on a car. All the cars are assembled at the assembly plant in Banbury, England.

Let us see the engine that is powering this beast of a car. This is modified version of the BMW M5 engine and the new 5.0L BMW V8 engine produces a massive 625 bhp that you can harness with the six speed sequential gearbox. As it has evolved from the KZ1, it has the same underlying structure with all-new bodywork and tweaked suspension. Here, the manufacturers have realised the need for speed and the absence of basic amenities like a stereo, air conditioning system and soundproofing shows how far they have gone in order to keep the beast light on its feet with a combined weight of just 1,280kgs. To prove its mettle, the Ascari A10 beat the fastest car at the time, the Koenisegg CCX in the "Power Lap" on the show Top Gear in Dec 2007. With a top speed of 220mph and 0-60 mph acceleration time of just 2.8 seconds, the Ascari A10 shows what it can do and does it with aplomb.

Let's face it. Supercars aren't built for everyone. Not everyone can blow hundreds of thousands of dollars on a vehicle that is meant for transportation. But, if you can, you need to be pampered and the with the Ascari A10 you can be sure you will be.

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