Audi's R8- Brand Supercar

A dream car from Audi.

A curvacious 4.37m in length with only 1.25m high beauty of a supercar from Audi & Quattro GmbH is being rolled out in the name of 'R8'. The car will be commissioned in 2007. Audi's susidiary quattro GmbH has been made responsible for the manufacturing details, with Audi pumping in 28,000,000 pounds. About 250 employees are working to keep the development at both locales in full swing.

The vehicle will have an awesome capability of touching 350kmph, thus leading the pack in the speedy environment of sportscars.

The engine is a massive 5.0 litre V-10. The two turbochargers give it a 449kw @ 6800 rpm thrust thus resulting in a horse power reading of 618 bhp!Audi is not new to the field of sportscars - the 'S' and 'RS' models speak for themselves. But the R8 will transform the car manufacturer into a new 'avatar' where it shall compete with the likes of Mercedes, BMW, Aston-Martin and so on.

The concept of the R8 was initially coined in 2003. The present styling thus has the shades of the conceptual design. In addition, the DSG gearbox allows quicker gearshifts, it has strong LED headlights and the wheels are 20-inches. Tyre sizes vary from 255/30 for the frontal and 295/30 at the rear.

To achieve the required higher power -to- weight ratio, Audi plans to go in for technology upgrade in the form of a lightweight design. The aluminium spaceframe technology has been used previously in its A2, A6 & A8 models and is going to play a visible role in Audi's R8. In short, Audi is going all out to leverage itself towards the upswing, taking advantage of the earlier successes in the field of motorsport.

Supercars are not a new concept. Lamborghini has already marketed the V10 Gallardo and V12 Murcielago. Notwithstanding this fact, Audi has taken a decision to put its own supercar version in the field. The R8 will be on the same platform as Lamborghini Gallardo. Some of the well noticed comfort features are its nimbleness on tight control roads, standard all wheel drive traction, quietest interiors, exotic front seats vast back seats.

The technical features boast of a Quattro permanent all wheel drive, FSI engine technology, Audi Magnetic Ride Suspension and a Bang & Olufsen sound system. As regards its attitude, you just cannot beat it - full hp to all its wheels and providing two different transmissions i.e. 6 speed manual and 'Rtronic'.

So considering all aspects of design, automotive innovativeness, comfort and performance the R8 displays very readable pros :

- Admirable balance and handling ability

- ride comfort -electro-magnetic shock absorber

- a very spacious interior

- easy to drive nature

- seat mounted air-bags and knee-protecting airbags

- anti-lock disc brakes

Some issues which a critic may bring out can be understood by the statement that the R8 cannot match the straight line pace of a Porche 911 or Corvette. There is also a lack of factory like customising of features. But still, Audi has delivered a supercar that will continue to enthrall the enthusiasts for days to come. One more thing is quite relevant. When buying an Audi R8 compared to let's say a Pagani Zonda or a Koenigsegg, and you get car insurance quotes, you'll be absolutely amazed at the difference. Audi has a great reputation, and that pays in dividents when getting insurance - you'll get a much better deal than you could have hoped for considering the grandure and class of this car!